This service offers an economical peace of mind inspection that ensures your investment is not a termite/pest infested home and a home full of building problems.

The combined Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection report is our most popular report offering. It is a thorough and comprehensive report covering the inspection of the exterior and interior of the house. We inspect the house in detail looking for all minor and major building defects applicable to the house.

This report will help determine the condition of the house especially for its time period. It is an easy to read report with photos that will outline all major and minor defects.

Incorporated in this option is a pest inspection that identifies any visible timber pests such as wood decay, fungi, termites and wood borers that may be active in the house. Clear photos are attached within the report that clearly point out defective areas.

Inspected defects during a Building/Pest Inspection include the following and more:

  • Leaking wet areas including showers and basins to wet areas;
  • Structural inadequacies;
  • Roof covering and flashing;
  • Leaking gutters and downpipes;
  • Potential safety hazards including non- compliant handrails;
  • Rising damp and mould problems;
  • Pest activity;
  • Wet/termite damage to timber members;
  • Driveway/path/boundary fences;
  • Surface drainage;

Areas inspected during a Building/Pest Inspection:

  • Exterior of housing including boundary fences, driveways /pathways
  • External roof
  • Internal roof loft area
  • Subfloor area
  • Interior of house